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All countries have a national drink which is for Hungary the brandy. You ought to know the unique flavor of the Hungarian home-distilled brandy.

In our brandy-distillery this excellent drink is made in wood heated copper-kettle system according to the old traditions. From the gathering of fruits trough the boiling until the bottling we make everything as family enterprise. Therefor we can achive excellent quality of drink in every bottles.

These distillates are made from guaranted 100% ripe, clear fruits and because László Varga doesn't know joke about the quality, they alcohol content are always 50%!

We are waiting for you in the heart of Bakony mountains in Csetény which is 14 kilometres from Zirc. If you taste our brandy we quarentee that you will not be disappointed. For an adult 4 cl are recommended daily, even as appetizer.

After time-comparison we can receive groups of visitors, too.

Address: 8417 Csetény, Kültelek hrsz. 051/60
Telefon/fax: +36 88 485 500, +36 30 312 7023
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